Choosing a New Smart Home Platform - What do you use?

With Wink down (again) and not any more assurance that they’ll pull out of their tailspin this time, I’m planning to jump ship after ~5 years.

I have lots of spare Raspberry Pi’s kicking about so I’m figuring that Home Assistant is the default.
But I know there are lots of options out there (at least last I checked) like Mozilla Things, Domoticz, openHAB, HomeSeer. Any recommendations for one over the other? I say “Smart Home” in the subject as I don’t really automate much at this point, I just like the control of smart switches and bulbs. So I am primarily concerned over direct control in an intuitive interface (wife approval factor) over powerful automation and contextual controls.

Pretty much all my smart items are Zigbee so I’d need a Zigbee radio dongle for anything Pi based. I’d also love to double up and get something that will work with ZWave in case I want to try such things in the future. Any recs on what works best?

And of course here is the option to go more similar to Wink with SmartThings, Hubitat, or similar. Would be happy to hear anyone’s thoughts there too.

Thanks in advance! I’ll also try to throw up any findings or decisions made from other forums/etc.

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Double checked my two in-wall GE switches which are ZWave, not Zigbee, so I’ll need to start out with both radios after all.

HomeAssistant has got and extremely busy forum and large community and with a big herd its likely someone else will know and help.
They also do have that nabu-casa thing if subscription clouds is your thing, but equally support through the forum is really good and its choice of what you use.

If hue ever gets around to door locks I’ll be set.

+1 for Homeassistant, OpenHAB or similar system (quite capable but really nerdy: which has Mycroft-Skill support and does not rely on external services for core functionality.

Just flashed HomeAssistant. Currently unplugging my Wink hub…probably forever.

Yesterday I flashed Home Assistant for one of my old Raspberry Pis after buying the Nortek Zigbee/ZWave combo stick on Prime Day (not on sale but still).

I’d say given my background HA could hardly have been easier to set up. In less than two hours I’d reset most of my lights and switches and brought them into HA with most of my naming and rooms rebuilt. I’d also more or less figured out how their dashboards work enough to get some buttons set up to control those lights to give my wife something more akin to Wink’s app (credit where due, I’ve always loved Winks UI even when the UX was crap).

Bringing on Zigbee devices was lightning fast vs bringing a bulb into Wink which would take multiple minutes. Controlling devices is so fast.

I still have to decide how I’ll integrate Nest and such, but the thing I’ll want to do most is find a slicker UI to have a good app/control experience similar to Wink. Given the above:

So I’ll be looking into how to use different UIs. I can envision lots of automation but I think I’ll want a different dashboard feel.

But overall, cant recommend HA enough at the moment especially since I only had to buy the USB control stick.