Chatterbox - The Mycroft-Powered Smart Speaker for Kids

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Today, we’re happy to share a project being based on Mycroft that is setting out to solve the “kids and technology” problem: Chatterbox. Chatterbox is a build-it-yourself, program-it-yourself smart speaker that teaches kids about technology, programming, and privacy.

By using Mycroft’s open platform as their base, the Chatterbox team was able to focus on tailoring their solution for their use case. Remove the Wake Word for a button? No problem. Only use skills the kids program themselves? Easy. Chatterbox was able to direct their resources at building an approachable DIY hardware kit and an easy-to-understand visual development environment for kids, not piecing together various voice technologies and deciphering how to customize them.

Chatterbox's visual skill builderFrom Chatterbox:

“The computer interface of the future is voice-driven artificial intelligence. Chatterbox’s mission is to prepare kids for a future where a human-like AI is ubiquitous by giving kids the tools and the motivation to create and use their very own AI. By building the hardware and teaching Chatterbox, kids learn how and why assistant technology works, rather than being tricked by black-box technology into thinking voice AI is human, or some kind of authority.”

Building Chatterbox - the Mycroft Powered smart speaker for kids

Chatterbox is a great example of why Mycroft is open. Mycroft’s open platform helps others facilitate new ideas and benefits that Mycroft the company couldn’t do on its own.

Chatterbox is live on Kickstarter today!

If you’re a parent, educator, or just a supporter of preparing kids for the future, head to Chatterbox’s campaign and show your support.

Check out the Kickstarter!


Such an excellent project. Congrats on blowing past your goal in the first 24 hours too!

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Is the skill-builder app up? open-source? and either way where? (excited)