Audio issues mpg123

I have a couple of questions, both relating to the same issue i think.

Here is a bit of background. I run several different Mycroft devices, 2 of them on Raspberry Pi3’s, one on a desktop running Archlinux, and my mess-around version on my laptop running Ubuntu Studio. I keep everything up to date as much as I can.

My first issue is with one running Pycroft 19.02. No matter what I try, I cannot get a wake word response tone. All of the other audio seems to be fine. It plays the voices (.wav file) and the news (mp3 stream) just fine. I have made sure my .mycroft/mycroft.conf file contains

{"confirm_listening": "true"}

It should be noted that I am outputting audio through bluealsa to a small Bluetooth speaker. But like I said, all of the rest of the audio is working. This just occurred with the 19.2 update.

Am I missing something easy?

Next issue is one I solved, but I’m not sure why I had to do it this way. It is on my Arch machine. This one uses pulse as an output. I have been having trouble with this machine playing the news. It would come out all jarbled and full of static. This is an .mp3 stream, so by default Mycroft uses mpg123. So I tried to play the stream from the command line with mpg123 and it plays fine, but not through Mycroft. My solution was to use the command line version of VLC, CVLC. I changed this in my .mycroft/mycroft.conf file.

{"play_mp3_cmdline": "cvlc %1"}

And now it works fine. My question is why mpg123 plays the stream from the command line, but not through Mycroft.

Thanks for any ideas or answers