Andersen's Fairy Tales - testing and feedback

I made a new storytelling skill - Stories from the Danis auhter H. C. Andersen.
This skill do also have H. C. Andersen stories in other language - da, en, de, fr, es, it, nl

How to install the skill

Install the skill by

msm install

the skill connects to and scrapes the stories from there

How to test SKILL NAME

  • “Tell a H. C. Andersen storie”
  • “Tell me the H. C. Andersen story The Little Match Girl”
  • “Continue H. C. Andersen story”

Mycroft should then tell the chosen storie in the language he speaks. So testing on a mycroft device setup for de-de he should tell stories in German. Likewise if he is setup for da-dk he tells stories in Danish.

I will also make a skill for stories form the Brothers Grimm in same way as this skill.

Where feedback on SKILL NAME should be directed a

Feedback is welcome here or through Issues on GitHub, or via Mycroft Chat.


This is just beautiful for my kids … and me as well - I just listened to “Emporers new suit” - ah that childhood memories :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe you can add support for Grimms stories as well, looks like the website is from the same publisher as Andersen’s tales?

p.s. see PR for improved german translation

I got Grimms as well comming. But wanted to make it in a different skill……and then I fased problems by sharing intents and did start on looking at making a common-storytelling skill.
So that is to be made first, and then I make some storytelling skills that uses that so extending by more stories could be as easy as making a new skill.

And thanks gor german translation. I did use google tranlsate to make other languages avible :slight_smile:
Actualy I have added to msk so translating can be done just by

msk -l de-de translate <skillsdir>

It isnt perfect and cant translate regex, but get one going faster on simpler skills. I made a PR whith this to the msk repo so maybe one day msk can do simpel translation of a skill.

and beeing a dane I did choose to make Andersen stories first :wink:

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