0.7.5 changelog

Today, we’re releasing a new version of Mycroft Core: version 0.7.5. The changes include:

-A change in the wakeword used to get Mycroft’s attention, from “Mycroft” to “Hey Mycroft”
-Various improvements to the listener, including a reduction of wakeword false positives (Mycroft is less likely to inaccurately hear his name in conversations)
-Significant improvements to Mycroft’s sleep functionality (he now wakes up much more consistently to the words “wake up”)
-Further improvements in the Wolfram Alpha skill, causing it to return useful information more often
-A “thinking” animation to be displayed on units’ faceplates while they wait for information

As always, these are only the most visible changes from the latest release. To see everything that’s changed, take a look at the commit history on our repository.